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Why Tiffany Sizemore?

With Justice For All

The role of the courts is to interpret the law. A just interpretation of the law recognizes that the life experiences of those who come before the court – and the way they interact with the law – differs. 

A court where all voices can be heard and respected is critical to ensuring justice for all. For far too long, justice has been elusive to marginalized populations across the country, and Allegheny County has been no exception. People in our county have experienced courts differently, and sometimes disparately, based on access to legal representation, gender identity, sexual orientation, race, and disability status. 

A judge who is committed to justice for all recognizes and seeks to understand those different experiences and allows all voices to be heard in a meaningful manner during all court processes. 

Equitable Access to Courts

Tiffany understands that making sure that all people have access to the courthouse facilities, forms, and services is critical to ensuring that justice is a real promise and product of the Court of Common Pleas.

Respect for Data & Science 

Tiffany believes that recognizing that data and social science are valid and important contributors to helping eliminate racial and ethnic disparities, as well as disparities based on socioeconomic status and disability.

Courtesy & Compassion 

Tiffany believes that a critical component to a well-functioning court is to recognize the humanity in all persons who come before the court. When all persons are treated with the very simple principles of courtesy and compassion, the court can be a place where justice prevails.

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